I've worked on a great many projects over the years, almost all of which can be found on my GitHub page. This page is an attempt to catalogue some of them.


Packer/protector for x86-64 ELF binaries on Linux, wraps ELF binaries with multiple layers of encryption and injects them with loader code that decrypts, maps, and executes the packed binary entirely in userspace

Shallow Blue

UCI chess engine written in C++11 named after the Deep Blue Chess Computer, can be used with any UCI compatible chess GUI and plays chess at a high amateur level


Nintendo Entertainment System emulator written in C#, accurately emulates the NES's hardware and supports many original NES games to a playable extent


FUSE virtual filesystem that stores its data in Google sheets, takes advantage of the fact that data entered in a Google sheet isn't metered, allowing for unlimited (albeit slow) free cloud storage


Intel 8080 CPU emulation library written in C allowing for external projects to emulate an 8080, very throroughly tested with multiple unit tests for each instruction in addition to multiple large integration tests


Lightweight, header only unit testing framework for C projects, designed to be easy to set up, work with minimal boilerplate, and output test failures verbosely to allow for easy debugging.

Open Flood

Flood-fill style puzzle game for Android, size of board as well as number of colours can be customized, boards can additionally be shared with others through a "board seed" mechanism


Twitter based trend analysis application, collects data on topics that are trending on Twitter and exposes that data via a REST API and intuitive web application

First-person 3D maze game created with the Three.js JavaScript WebGL library

Sock Snake

SOCKS4a proxy implementation in Python 3, complies fully with SOCKS4a specification

Server Essentials

Mod for the free and open source voxel game Minetest that provides a collection of useful features and commands for server administrator

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